What does a planner do?

Statistics show that the average wedding takes approximately 250 hours to plan (that is equivalent to over 6 full work weeks!) A Coordinator can save you time researching and planning. A Coordinator can also help you prioritize your vendors, get your budget in order, provide qualified vendor referrals, accompany you to vendor meetings and know what questions to ask, review vendor contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and save you money. Not to mention a Coordinator provides creative décor and design ideas! And that final month prior to your wedding, a Coordinator will confirm your vendors, make a timeline, run your rehearsal, and be there to make sure that you, your family, and friends enjoy a totally stress-free day!

Will you still be in control?

Absolutely! Your wedding is YOUR event, not ours… we are there to help and guide you through the planning process, not to take over. We will give you support, advice and assist as much or as little as you want.

Let us answer this question with a question, “How long do you want to stress over planning your wedding?” The answer to that will dictate the urgency in which you will want to consider when hiring a Wedding Planner. We recommend that you hire us as soon as you get engaged, and before you select your venue or vendors. However, we are  happy to jump in further along in the process as well.

When should you select a planner?

why should you have a planner?

On your special day, the last thing you want your mother and family friends to do is run around, setting up your wedding decor and directing all your vendors to set-up. It's only fair to have all your loved ones celebrate this special day with you. That's why we’re here! We produce a time-line that breaks down every special moment that will need to be communicated to your vendors. On the day of your wedding, we ensure all vendors are directed to the correct place, all decorations are set prior to arrival of guest, and that the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss and other ceremonies are produced in an appropriate fashion. This should be a stress-free day, not only for you, but also for your family and friends. We do it, so your loved ones don't have to!

Does ashley lynn receive vendor commisions?

No, we do not take kickbacks or commissions from any vendors. We only refer well qualified, reputable vendors who fit your needs, style & budget. Not accepting kickbacks ensures that your needs are our first priority.

what sets ashley lynn apart?

We focus on more than just your wedding day. We want the entire process of planning your wedding to be an enjoyable and exciting one for you and your family. We are genuine and care deeply about this industry. We are hopeless romantics, fun, energetic, stylish and encompass unparalleled integrity. We believe that the best events are designed with you and your unique personality in mind. We choose our clients carefully, because we believe that it is necessary to have a true connection between us and the couple that we will be servicing. We take our responsibility of creating an unforgettable experience  seriously.